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I love that Christian includes “able to carry on an interesting conversation” on his list of qualities.

I have found this especially to be true (with the exception of a very interesting and eloquent man I have been communicating with lately.) What I love about the “conversation” attribute is that if a man fails to intrigue me with words he hasn’t got a chance regardless of his status or qualities.

By the 20th time it was annoying and I asked him to stop.

By the 30th time it was a demonstration of mental calcification on his part, a lack of creativity (couldn’t he move on from that joke and create another? Or they simply lack a decent command of the language.

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The rest will tune your message out even if it’s a great message.And how do you think men would FEEL around you if they didn’t see that you looked at them suspiciously as though they might be like some of the other men who weren’t acting so great?There’s an old principle that stands true in the world of advertising…Of course that was not all that was problematic in the relationship.The “phone” thing was merely a symbol of some bigger issues. In my experience it is not that there is a dirth of single men that is the problem but meeting all of Christian’s criteria that is the main issue.

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