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YOU DONT TUG ON SUPERMANS CAPE Brian Maloney reports that some people, afraid of Michelle Malkins new book, are launching preemptive attacks.

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I was in my early 40's at that time - a scary time to have to start over.Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. I bought this book in 2004 but am writing my review in 2015.This book changed my life, and helped me find the man of my dreams, to whom I've been ecstatically married for 9 years (known him for 10).Using this book, I was able to stay real, notice if others were staying real, and go slowly enough to wait for someone who was mature, healthy, and ready for an equal relationship. I got better at seeing early on whether others would be a good fit, and stopped trying to compensate for incompatibilities that were deal-breakers.I accepted each person as they were, instead of thinking about how things would be great if he changed this or that, or I did.

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