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A few other possible indications of significance appear in the Talmud (55b): if the dream repeats itself, is about other people, or is dreamt right before waking in the morning.In general, rabbis today do not recommend taking dreams that seriously.I have recently been having a disturbing dream involving someone close to me. The Talmud further lists many types of dreams (e.g. Likewise, in the Torah people such as Joseph and Pharaoh experienced prophetic dreams.Our minds are filled with too many worries and too much nonsense.Bad dreams are much more likely to be figments of our own anxieties rather than messages from angels. I personally have a sense for when my dreams are significant.This may be found in any complete prayer book, together with the relevant instructions.

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The implication is that dreams are certainly not prophetic. They can, however, be interpreted – and their interpretation will come true.

That information might in turn trickle down into our consciousness and work their way into our dreams.

Thus, while dreaming, a person has the potential to become aware of future events which his waking soul would never be privy to – which will then become mixed in with the rest of the nonsense going through his dreaming mind.

By contrast, a dream may not be prophetic at all, yet a person’s words can take the force of the dream and direct it, bringing its potential into the physical world. See also this article, where I present a related treatment of this topic.) Practically speaking, if you had a dream which is disturbing you, the first question to ask yourself is if you were thinking about anything relevant to it during the day.

If you were worried about X, and then dream that X happens, that is most certainly your mind playing out your anxieties during the night.

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