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According to salary.com, below are five majors that are a wise investment: For many students, the primary concern is what they’ll earn after graduating.

Although definitely important, some students may also consider other subjective, qualitative returns such as personal development and enrichment, life experience, passion, and socialization.

It’s no surprise that an engineering degree will lead to a lucrative career, whereas a liberal arts degree will be much more varied, with some occupations even leading to little or no return at all.In recent years, the federal government has pushed for increased transparency when it comes to college prices so many schools now provide online calculators to help students and families estimate the total net costs.The potential debt that students accrue can greatly affect ROI.It’s a performance or value metric that can be applied to all sorts of purchases to determine if something is worth one’s money.If the benefits—or return—outweigh the investment, that’s a good sign that the purchase will be worth it.

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