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It can be difficult to find good Kris Kringle presents that suit all ages and tastes, which is why one of Yellow Octopus's unique and quirky gifts makes life easier.Many workplaces now have a gift exchange of some sort, whether it's a Secret Santa, or a lucky dip, and if you need Kris Kringle ideas then we can save your colleagues from getting the usual mundane, forgettable gifts with our quirky and exciting range.KRIS KRINGLE AND SECRET SANTA GIFT EXCHANGE: THE HISTORY OF THE TRADITION Many people do not know that Kris Kringle is actually another name for Santa.This elusive, bearded man has many non de plumes such as ' Father Christmas' and ' Santa Christmas'.

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No one wants an ugly photo frame, socks, or boring pen this Kris Kringle!

If you’re in the express post network, you can enjoy next day delivery.

If you’re in Melbourne, how does same day delivery (often within 3 hours! And if you opt for standard post, it’s a low .99 flat rate, no matter how much you order so you can order all your Christmas Gifts in one foul swoop.

However, if you draw a name for someone who you don't know much about, then it can be difficult to decide what gift to buy.

That's why at Yellow Octopus we have selected a range of Kris Kringle gift ideas which are fun and unique, yet cost under , keeping you within the budget.

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