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Miranda, Lady Gaga and John Legend were among the stars that lashed out at Trump's string of tweets Saturday that took aim at Cruz, suggesting she was being “nasty” and displayed “poor leadership.”The Tony and Pulitzer Prize winner, who has family is Puerto Rico, has been among the most vocal celebrities encouraging people to donate to relief efforts to help rebuild the island ravaged by the hurricane more than a week ago.Miranda is also assembling an all-star lineup to record a charity single that will be available for purchase Oct. Other celebrities, including Gaga and Legend, joined the chorus against Trump's remarks.

"And that crucial change in my life was also associated with jazz, because it all began within a space of about six months after the first Playboy Jazz Festival in August of 1959."On his personal legacy:"One of the reasons that I have such tremendous satisfaction at this point in my life is because I know I've made a difference," he said in 1994.

I was always unwilling to commit to marriage because I was afraid to lose the romance."On the Playboy brand's global status:"It has been said that the two most famous trademarks in the world are Coca-Cola and the Playboy bunny rabbit," he said in 1994.

"There is certainly no one else in our area that represents the American dream in this particular kind of way.

When [my last long-term] relationship ended, last year, they were climbing over the gate. On Wednesday’s episode of “Full Frontal,” Bee took aim at Trump’s continued focus on NFL players who have been peacefully protesting racism and police brutality by kneeling during the national anthem at football games.

“Last week on ‘Sport Roundup’ we were trying to figure out if the president is a white nationalist,” Bee said.

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